Unique places to propose in Manchester

30th May 2019 • by Admin

Perhaps Manchester wouldn't be the first place to spring to mind when you are searching for a romantic place to propose. This beautiful city is, in fact, becoming one of the most romantic areas in the UK to pop the question, with so many wonderful and unique places to choose from it is easy to see why. 

As one of the most important milestones in life, getting engaged is possibly going to be one of your most memorable moments. You may have already found the perfect engagement ring which is sure to impress your partner but you may not have considered where and when you will propose. 

From picturesque views, interesting architecture and premium restaurants, Manchester has a vast variety of locations to offer. So whether you are living in the city already or you are interested in visiting this vibrant area specifically to propose, we have created a list of some of our favourite places to pop the question in Manchester.

John Rylands Library 

You don’t have to be a bookworm to appreciate the beautiful interior of this library. Not only does it house an amazing collection of books but this elegant building has many quaint corners to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage, making the moment even more romantic and intimate.

Albert Square

If you feel you need the moral support of bystanders when popping the question head no further than Albert Square. As one of the busiest places in the city, this iconic area also features some of the city’s most well-known statues and monuments. If you do choose this memorable setting to propose, you should probably expect a few cheers as you get down on one knee.

Hotel Gotham 

Renowned as one of Manchester's most luxurious hotels, Hotel Gotham offers locals the perfect setting to propose whilst having a little staycation at the same time. Relax in your robes in one of the hotel’s stunning rooms or head out for some delicious food and drinks in the Club Brass Bar. We recommend going to the terrace to enjoy a picturesque view of the city. 

Manchester Art Gallery 

For the creatives amongst us, what could be more beautiful than surrounding yourself with works by famed artists such as Matisse, Picasso and Degas before getting down on one knee? With new exhibitions appearing all of the time, we recommend spending the day wandering around before popping the question in front of your partner’s favourite work of art.

Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden 

What could be better than being surrounded by serene ponds, ornamental trees and beautiful flower beds as you pop the question? If you and your partner like to get away from the bustling city life sometimes, Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden is a wonderfully peaceful place to propose. We recommend checking the weather forecast ahead of time to make sure the setting is just right for the special day.

The French - Midland Hotel

Considered one of the most romantic restaurants with incredible service, treat your loved one to a fancy dinner at this ambient hotel. Sample the menu’s dishes and fine wines and admire the incredible decor of this restaurant before getting down on one knee to propose under the beautifully lit chandeliers.

Chorlton Water Park

Another serene setting perfect for popping the question. Surround yourself with the atmospheric and moodily romantic views of this stunning park. Perhaps plan to spend the day here, pack a picnic with some champagne before heading out for a long stroll and getting down on one knee. 

Manchester Museum 

Surprise your partner by asking for their hand in marriage at the Manchester Museum. Not only can you spend the day here discovering everything about fossils and nature to Egyptian artefacts, you can also take in the beautiful interior of this impressive building. If you prefer a quieter setting we recommend proposing here on a weekday, though you may still receive an applause when your partner says “yes”.

Vibrant, exciting and beautiful, the city of Manchester is a great place to propose. From discovering new restaurants and museums to wandering the pavements of the serene parks there is the perfect location for anyone hoping to pop the all-important question. Who knows, you may find yourself celebrating your anniversaries together at the very same spot for many years to come.