Engagement ring engraving ideas

31st May 2019 • by Admin

You have personally designed or meticulously chosen the perfect ring but now you feel it is missing that sentimental finishing touch. 

Engraving your chosen engagement ring is a great way to customise your piece. Perhaps you wish to add a personal comment, joke or memory shared between both of you. Maybe you are a little more traditional and like the idea of adding the other person’s name or the date you planned the proposition. The options are truly limitless, so if you are lacking a little creativity we have pulled together a list of the very best engagement ring engraving ideas. 

Romantic languages

Let your heart do the talking and speak the language of love. There are many languages which are considered to be truly romantic, the most popular choices tend to be Spanish, French, Latin and Italian. When considering engraving words in another language it is often better to choose something simple and always make sure the translation matches your intended meaning.

Here are a few ideas, but it is a good idea to consider a few different options before making your final decision:

French - Je t’aime (I love you)

Spanish - Te amo (I love you)

Latin - Amor vincit omnia (love conquers all)

Italian - Il mio cuore è tuo per sempre (My heart is yours forever)

Meaningful symbols

Lost for words? If pictures are more your style, why not get a symbol engraved onto your engagement ring. Again there are so many options, but with this type of engraving style, it is best to keep it simple yet personal. 

Why not opt for something sweet such as a heart to show everlasting love, perhaps a tree for those who are fond of the outdoors or maybe even your loved one’s favourite animal for a truly personal touch. Try combining a message with a symbol, bear in mind this only works if the message is quite short and choose symbols which are simple and easy to decipher.


There is possibly nothing more unique than a fingerprint. As one of the most romantic engraving ideas out there, getting your fingerprint engraved onto your loved one's ring is the perfect way to keep each other close every single day. This wonderful idea is a great way to express your bond and connection within your relationship.

To create this, simply use ink and paper to obtain a copy of your fingerprint. For further significance why not take a print of your ring finger on your left hand. It is a good idea to remember that not all of the print can be featured on the band due to the size, but you should make your selection based on what you think will work best.


A very popular and slightly more traditional idea is to get your name engraved on that special someone's engagement ring. Select from a number of fonts and sizes - just make sure you check the spelling!

Similar to this idea, why not try writing your signature and getting this engraved onto the ring. The added sentimental appeal of your handwriting makes it a truly unique design. Just make sure your handwriting is legible and clear - steer clear of this idea if you have a messy signature. 

Proposal date

Both popular and traditional, getting the date of the proposal engraved on your ring is a beautifully sentimental idea. This idea is the perfect reminder for your loved one of the special moment you popped the all-important question. It has become increasingly popular to add dates along with initials to rings as a personal reminder of special milestones.

A film or song

It’s highly likely as a couple you will both share favourite films and music, which may trigger good memories for you both. If something springs to mind, why not have some words from “your song” engraved onto the engagement ring or perhaps a short movie quote to add a truly personal finish. The reminder of this thoughtful memory should impress your loved one and build on the unique bond which you both share.

Shared interests

If you and your loved one have many shared hobbies and interests, why not consider incorporating these into the engravement design. There are many creative ways to do this. 

If you are thinking of proposing in a specific place or have a favourite holiday destination, consider adding the name of the place to the ring. 

If you have a favourite food, why not add a playful twist to your engraved design such as “I love you more than… chocolate, cake, pizza”. 

For the outdoor enthusiasts why not try some well-known phrases such as “adventure together” or “you’ll never wander alone”.


Do you have an inside joke that only you and your significant other would appreciate? Maybe you have silly pet names for each other or you just tend to look at the funny side of life. If this sounds like you and that special someone, perhaps you should consider a humorous message engraved onto your engagement ring. 


For the hopeless romantics amongst us, there is possibly nothing more fitting than a line of poetry to express your love for that special someone. From Shakespeare and Cummings to an anonymous piece of poetry which you happened to stumble across, there are many beautiful pieces out there which are perfect for engraving onto your beloved’s engagement ring.

Tips for getting your ring engraved

Keep the message short and simple, you will want the sentiment to be legible rather than cramped up along the ring's interior.

Choose a font style and size that not only looks great but can also be read easily.

Make sure the message has a meaning which will be sentimental to both of you for years to come.

Check the engraving before and after it has been applied to ensure the correct spelling, numbers and design are added.

Keep the details of the engraving written down and store with the certification, this is a good way to identify the piece of jewellery if ever it is lost, stolen or sold on without consent.

Clean engravings with a very soft bristle brush to keep them visible and avoid damage to the metal.

Engraving the perfect engagement ring with something truly unique and personal to your relationship is sure to impress your loved one. Whether it is humorous, romantic or steeped in significance, the design you select will be a gentle reminder of your love and the special bond shared between you both for many years to come.