Rose gold - The pretty metal that proved it's not just a trend

7th October 2019 • by Admin

Rose Gold Metal

When rose gold first rose to popularity it was originally believed to be a trend that would come and go. However, this beautiful blush toned metal has proven that it has staying power and the demand for products in this colour has remained strong. 

It is clear to see that rose gold is a popular choice for jewellery, however, it is also widely used on homeware, gadgets and technology. The colour is popular for both men and women due to its flattering, soft tone and luxurious appearance. As a metal, rose gold is often more affordable and versatile than other precious metal alternatives. Now, rose gold is often widely seen in fine jewellery and has remained a popular choice for engagement rings.  

What rose gold is made of 

The name may sound misleading as, believe it or not, rose gold is not made entirely of gold. Rose gold is a name used to describe the entire family of red, rose and pink shades of gold. It is made using a mixture of yellow gold, copper and silver. The copper gives it a red tone, whilst the silver helps to balance the redness down to achieve the highly coveted blush hue that is symbolic of rose gold. 

History of rose gold

It is thought that the earliest use of rose gold was by Carl Fabergé, a famous Russian jeweller, in the 19th Century. Back then, Fabergé was the jeweller to the Russian Tsars and was given the task of creating the rose gold that we now know today. He achieved what was then named “Russian Gold” by using a combination of gold and copper. Some of the first creations made by Fabergé using rose gold were world-renowned Fabergé Eggs. 

History Of Rose Gold

Popularity of rose gold 

After Fabergé Eggs rose to the spotlight, “Russian Gold” grew in popularity and increasingly became used by major jewellery companies around the globe. However, rose gold decreased in popularity after the Wall Street Crash in 1929. At this time monochrome colour palettes were at the peak of fashion, so platinum became the sought after metal type. Rose gold resurged in popularity during the Second World War, when platinum was being used primarily for military-related equipment, and has remained a regularly used precious metal within the jewellery industry ever since. 

In the last ten years, rose gold has proven that it is here to stay. The popular blush hue is commonly found within trendy gadgets and homeware. For example, Apple’s iPhone 6s, sent customers into a frenzy when it was released in 2016 with over 40% of pre-orders said to be for the rose gold colour. Since then, the tone can be found on just about anything.

Rose Gold Popularity

How it compares to other gold

Rose gold may have a very different appearance when compared to other types of gold, however, it has the same level of gold purity as yellow and white gold. For example, all UK hallmarked 9K gold contains 37.5% gold and 18K gold contains 75% gold no matter what the colour is.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Strength of rose gold 

Contrary to popular belief, rose gold is a durable metal. Rose gold tends to be stronger than white and yellow gold (although not as strong as platinum) and doesn’t chip - making it perfect for everyday wear. The copper within the metal can darken or change colour slightly with age, although this is a natural feature of rose gold and isn’t seen as a defect as it adds to the distinct yet beautiful vintage finish of this metal.

Styling rose gold jewellery

Rose gold tends to pair beautifully with other metals due to its soft blush hue. Why not pair a piece of rose gold jewellery with either white gold or platinum for a contemporary and clean look? Or perhaps you should try the on-trend “tri-colour” style that has taken the fashion scene by storm. To achieve this look, simply stack three bracelets or rings in contrasting metals next to each other. 

Rose Gold Diamond Bracelets

Rose gold in engagement rings

Looking to propose? A rose gold engagement ring could be just what you need to impress your significant other. Rose gold has become very popular for engagement rings over recent years and is said to be the metal colour of love due to it’s beautiful blush hue. So if you are looking to pop the all-important question, a rose gold ring makes for the perfect choice.

Engagement Rings

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