Tips for proposing on vacation

30th May 2019 • by Kannan

What could be more romantic than exploring a foreign, exotic land with your partner and popping the all-important question? 

Proposing when you are on vacation is incredibly thoughtful and it is likely that your partner will be completely surprised by the spontaneous gesture. It is also a chance to be away from any distractions and to truly focus on yourselves as a couple. Why not propose at the beginning of the trip? That way you will get to enjoy the proposal for as long as possible and can create new memories together as a newly engaged couple. 

The proposal should be well-planned, personal and natural, this is why we have put together our top tips for proposing when you are on vacation.

Location is key 

Where you choose to propose is a big decision and something which will be remembered for many years to come.

Why not try somewhere significant to your partner or the two of you in your relationship? Maybe your partner has somewhere they have always wanted to explore but never had the chance to, or perhaps the idea of somewhere exotic is more appealing to you. No matter where you choose to propose, make sure it has the wow factor.

Pack the ring properly 

Travelling to a foreign land with an engagement ring may be a daunting prospect. It is advised to make sure the ring is insured, either under travel insurance or on a policy of its own, before travelling for peace of mind. 

Perhaps you are flying to your exotic destination, if so you may need to consider how to pack your ring. Try packing your ring in your carry-on bag to avoid it going missing or being delayed in your luggage. You should pack it discreetly, try swapping it for a different box and placing inside a pair of socks at the bottom of your bag. In case security chooses to search your items, try adding a note on the box such as “This is an engagement ring - please keep secret” to avoid giving the proposal away.

Keep it thoughtful 

If you are planning to propose on vacation, it is a good idea to plan every detail of the trip to avoid disasters. You may also wish to have a back-up idea, should for any reason your original proposal not go to plan (for example bad weather ruining a beach-side proposal).

Plan where to propose

So you have chosen the exotic location which you believe has the wow factor, you just need to plan the actual proposal. We suggest proposing at the beginning of the holiday so you both get the time to celebrate for longer. You should also choose the perfect time of day, afternoon and early evening proposals tend to work best particularly if you plan on taking photographs of the special moment.

Where you choose to propose should be thoughtful and designed to take into consideration your partner's interests. For example, if they are the adventurous type try proposing underwater or at the top of a cliff after a hike, if they are the romantic type maybe a sunset walk along the beach would be a preferred setting or if they enjoy being wined and dined try proposing with the ring in a champagne glass at a fancy restaurant.

Plan the holiday 

Don’t just plan the proposal, make the rest of the trip as memorable as possible by planning fun activities and romantic gestures throughout the entire vacation. This will provide you both with tonnes of stories to tell your friends and family when you get home.

Plan your outfit 

What you wear on the day should be dependant on how you plan to propose, however, in general, we would recommend that you keep it simple and avoid wearing anything too bright or trendy. You should also make sure your partner is wearing something equally stylish and appropriate - particularly if you wish to take pictures of the big moment!

Plan what you are going to say 

Most will have planned the perfect time and location for the proposal, they may even have chosen their favourite outfit, but when it finally comes to getting down on one knee they realise they have no idea what to say. It is a good idea to plan what you want to say when you pop the question to avoid nerves getting the best of you if you decide to “wing it”. You should aim to keep it short, sweet and straight from the heart.

Involve the hotel staff

Ahead of your stay make sure you inform the hotel staff of your plans to propose, you may find that they will go out of their way to make the moment even more special for you. For example, they may offer advice, provide flowers or chocolates for your room and maybe even offer welcome drinks when you arrive.

Whilst large romantic gestures can be nice, sometimes the best offers come directly from the heart and no matter where or how you plan to propose it is likely your partner will be shocked and overwhelmed by the entire experience. So whether you are planning the perfect proposal whilst on vacation or at home, it is important to keep it simple, personal and truly thoughtful. 

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