Earrings: Everything you need to know

31st May 2019 • by Admin

Earrings are an essential piece in every jewellery box. Timeless, elegant and incredibly versatile, there is a style out there to suit every occasion. 

Considered the most popular jewellery style, it is common for most people to own numerous pairs of earrings. From classic no-fuss studs suitable for every day to the elegant appeal of drop earrings ideal for dinner parties and special occasions alike, adorning your ears with the perfect pair is an easy way to boost your style credentials. 

Earrings also make wonderful gifts as they are sentimental, practical, and affordable for most budgets. Choosing jewellery either for yourself or a significant other should be a truly personal experience.

Earring styles explained

  • Studs

Designed to be worn close to the ear, stud earrings feature a fixed bauble which is secured to the ear at the back to avoid movement. Studs can be plain, feature gemstones such as diamonds or be shaped into pretty designs. Perfect for pairing with other jewellery pieces, studs are incredibly versatile and timeless which make them a great choice for day or night dressing.

  • Hoops

Typically in a circular or semi-circle shape, hoop earrings are incredibly versatile and popular. With a variety of options available in a range of sizes from diamond-adorned to plain styles, hoop earrings are the perfect way to compliment any outfit. 

  • Drop

Earrings which fall below the earlobe are called drops. Effortlessly elegant, drop earrings usually feature gemstones, such as diamonds or ornamental pieces, and are secured with the help of a wire hook. Drop earrings are a timeless style, usually worn on special occasions or evening events.

  • Crawlers

Sometimes referred to as ear climbers, crawlers are long and slightly curved earrings which climb up the earlobe to the cartilage. Often, they are intricately designed and feature details such as gemstones or pearls. Crawlers are contemporary pieces which are perfect for boosting your style credentials.

  • Journey

In a similar way to drop, journey earrings fall below the earlobe, however, in a fixed linear shape. This contemporary style generally features gemstones such as diamonds and are perfect for wearing in the evening or at parties.

  • Chandeliers 

Although chandelier earrings are a form of drop earrings, they tend to be larger statement-making pieces. As the name suggests, this style resembles the shape of a chandelier and commonly include beads or gemstones for added drama. Chandelier earrings are perfect for both day and night.

Choosing a metal type 

Earrings can come in an assortment of precious metals such as yellow, white, rose gold and platinum. You may have a preference already when it comes to metal and you should consider the jewellery you already wear when selecting a new pair of earrings. All metal types have different qualities and appearances, which is a good idea to consider. For example, if you have sensitive skin you may wish to opt for platinum.

How to style earrings

If you have multiple piercings in your ears you can explore a variety of options when it comes to styling them. A general rule is to stick to one metal so the earrings do not clash and start with the heaviest style, finishing with the lightest, for a coherent appearance. Why not try mixing and matching a variety of designs, such as studs, hoops and crawlers to create a wonderfully eclectic style.

Choosing earrings as a gift 

Earrings make the perfect gift as they are both sentimental and timeless. If the earrings are for yourself it is likely you already have a good idea of what you want, however, considering earrings for a significant other can be a difficult prospect.

Jewellery is very personal, it is a good idea to consider the recipient's personal style and the type of pieces they tend to wear. You should take into consideration the metal type which they prefer, for example, if they tend to wear yellow gold it is best to choose earrings in a matching finish. 

If you are searching for a gift for your partner then you are possibly looking for a sentimental or statement style. Why not opt for a pair of diamond adorned drop earrings to truly impress your loved one. Maybe you are considering earrings as a gift for your mother or close family member? A pair of diamond solitaire studs would make a great choice as they are wonderfully classic and versatile.

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