How to choose the perfect diamond

26th February 2020 • by Kundan

Perfect Diamond for Jewellery

Choosing the perfect diamond when you are on a budget can feel a bit daunting - particularly if you aren’t sure what you should be looking out for. Believe it or not, there is a method that you can follow to enable you to find the best gem for your money. It is a good idea to get a complete understanding of the 4 C’s before you start your search, you can read more about this here

Once your diamond knowledge is up to scratch it is time to follow our top tips on how to find the perfect diamond for your budget. This method can be used for choosing a loose diamond or for selecting a stone to add to a piece of jewellery such as an engagement ring or pendant.

1. Select your diamond shape 

Diamond Shape

The diamond shape you select has an overriding effect on the appearance of your jewellery design, therefore it is a great place to start. There is no diamond shape that is better than the other. With this step, your choice should really be based on personal preference (or your partners’ if it is for an engagement ring!). It is known that round shaped diamonds are the most popular shape for engagement rings, possibly due to the fact they produce more sparkle, however this shouldn’t influence your choice as plenty of people prefer a more unique shape such as an oval or cushion cut. 

2. Choose your ideal diamond carat weight

The carat weight largely determines the overall size of the diamond, along with the cut grade and the shape. A larger carat weight ultimately results in a pricier stone, therefore, if you have a strict or tight budget you may find yourself looking at a diamond that has a lower carat weight. 

3. Consider your diamond cut quality 

One of the things that greatly impacts the beauty of a diamond is cut quality. The better the cut, the more sparkle and fire the diamond produces. This is important for all diamonds, but we particularly recommend opting for the best cut grade for your budget if you’re choosing a round shaped stone.

4. Find your diamond colour 

When considering the colour of your diamond, the more desirable gems are those that appear white. Diamonds that are graded D in colour are considered better, and therefore command a higher price, than those that have all the same qualities yet are graded lower in colour. Don’t worry though, if you are on a budget, a diamond graded between G - I will still offer an almost white appearance yet it will be a fraction of the cost. 

5. Select your preferred diamond clarity

A diamond's clarity refers to the inclusions or blemishes inside or on the stone. Those with less or no inclusions are deemed to be the most desirable. To find the perfect piece for your budget, you will want to choose a diamond that is eye clean (no blemishes or inclusions can be seen to the naked eye). Good news is that you don’t need to choose a FL or IF diamond if you have a tight budget, diamonds that are graded in the VS1 - VS2 range are usually clean to the eye and are more affordable.

6. Compare your chosen diamonds 

Diamond Comparison

Once you have followed the above steps and used our online selection process, you should have a good idea of the type of diamond you can get for your budget. With these specs in mind, you can choose a few diamonds of a similar nature and compare them using our diamond compare tool. This will help you to easily see the difference in price, size and quality so that you can find the perfect diamond for your budget.

7. Get some advice from the experts

Diamond Expert Advice

If you aren’t quite sure about your selection it is always a good idea to get some advice from the experts. Why not give us a call or head into a live chat so that one of our diamond experts can help you make the best choice? They will also be able to make any recommendations if needed so you can be confident that the chosen diamond is perfect for you.

8. Make the purchase 

Once you have selected the perfect diamond you are ready to make the purchase! Simply add your diamond to your chosen setting or jewellery design, and select your preferred metal type, to complete your order.

Whether you are searching for an engagement ring, a gift for a relative, or simply a piece of jewellery for yourself, make sure you start by selecting the perfect diamond.