How to clean your diamond ring at home

6th September 2023 • by Admin

There is plenty of information out there when it comes to choosing a great diamond or even the perfect engagement ring but what you may not have considered is how to take care of your precious new diamond ring once it is in your hands. Of course, you can always look into getting your ring cleaned by the professionals, and this is something that we recommend now and then anyway, but a regular clean should be done at home to ensure it always looks its best. 

Read on for our top tips on how to clean your diamond ring safely at home. Your new ring will be gleaming in no time…

How to clean your diamond ring safely at home

Step 1. Before cleaning, check your ring over to see if the claws are firm and the diamond is securely in place. If there is any sign that the diamond is moving, or that the claws are damaged or broken, you should get your ring fixed before cleaning.

Step 2. There are many ways your ring may get dirty, for example, the use of lotion, makeup or perfume, can make your diamond appear dull. To bring back the shine to your beautiful diamond ring, fill a glass with warm water and add a splash of washing up liquid. Place the ring inside and allow it to soak for 20 to 40 minutes. Take the ring out and then gently brush the diamond with a soft toothbrush (keep this toothbrush only to clean your jewellery).

how to clean your diamond ring

Step 3. Rinse your diamond ring under warm running water, ensuring that the plug is in the sink to avoid it falling down the drain, to remove any excess dirt.

Step 4. Use cotton or a linen cloth to dry your diamond ring. It is safer to use these materials as they do not scratch or damage the metal in the same way that other materials do.

Step 5. To finish, gently polish your ring with a polishing cloth to bring back its lustre and shine.

Polish your Diamond Ring

We recommend cleaning your ring at home once a week to maintain its appearance and to stop product build-up. To avoid debris getting encrusted on, it is a good idea to clean your ring before storing it. Store your diamond ring safely when you aren’t wearing it by placing it in a microfibre or felt bag.

Diamond Ring

Things to avoid

Harmful solutions

Contrary to popular belief, cleaning products such as chlorine, bleach and abrasives, such as baking soda or toothpaste, should be avoided as they can damage your ring. 

Ultrasonic cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaners can remove dirt and grime on jewellery. However, they can also cause damage, as they work by using vibrations that can cause diamonds to become loose or move around in their setting.

As your diamond ring is guaranteed to hold sentimental value, as well as monetary value, it is important to take care of it. Follow the steps listed above and avoid harmful solutions to keep yours in top condition.