How to style necklaces

22nd October 2019 • by Admin

Have a penchant for pendants or prefer statement sparkle in the form of a diamond tennis necklace? A necklace is the easiest way to add interest to any outfit and can change your style completely depending on the design you choose. They also make for a wonderful gift due to their versatile nature and beauty. It means that every time your loved one wears the necklace you have gifted to them, they will think of you.

The idea of adorning your neck with jewellery has been around for as long as we can remember. With so many different necklace designs and an endless amount of styling combinations to choose from, the options are limitless. Layering has been trending for some time and it looks like it is a styling trick that is here to stay. Here are our top tips on how to master styling your necklaces like a pro.

Use the rule of three 

It’s a fact that everything looks better styled in odd numbers. We would recommend wearing at least three necklaces of various lengths, when mastering the art of layering, for an effortless and timeless finish. 

Vary lengths & weights

To layer like a pro, try varying the lengths of your necklaces. Start with a piece that falls on the collarbone and build your look from there. If you are working with pendants a great tip is to start with the smallest pendant closest to your neck and end with the largest style. Drop pendants or lariat styles are the perfect way to complete your layering look, but equally the choice is down to you and the options are limitless.

Use the same metal tone 

For easy, no-fuss styling, use the same metal tone to create a uniform appearance. Equally, using the same metal type when accessorising makes it easier for you to seamlessly combine various designs.

Combine different designs 

You can really have some fun and let your imagination run wild when it comes to layering pendants. Try mixing different designs together to create an eclectic finish. If you want your style to look a little more low-key why not use a simple solitaire or a single chain to add space between more decorative pieces.

Consider your outfit

You may want to consider your outfit before accessorising. Your neckline will affect the way you layer different pieces and the occasion should determine the style of jewellery you choose. For example, if you are accessorising your evening ensemble you may work with diamond-adorned pieces for a polished finish. Similarly if you are looking at everyday layering, you may wish to stick to traditional yellow gold pendants for a timeless take on accessorising. You will also want to consider your neckline so that your jewellery layering complements it rather than competes with it. If you use your neckline as a frame, then it is a good start, however, for high necklines it is a good idea to consider the print and style.

Here are a few of our favourite necklaces and pendants that work well for layering.

A simple solitaire pendant is a great piece to start off with and can be used to separate more decorative styles. Our Tara diamond pendant is a classic choice that will never go out of style.

A heart pendant is a wonderful way to make a sentimental addition to your layering pieces. Our Imogen heart pendant features a beautiful entwined shape, accented with a single diamond, that we just know you will adore.

Our Spring pendant is perfect for pairing with other pendant styles. Customise it by choosing your preferred metal type and chain.

A drop design is always a great way to finish off your layering and works particularly well with V-neck tops or dresses. This delicate diamond drop pendant is the perfect way to complete your look.