Leap year proposals

12th February 2020 • by Kannan

Leap Year Proposals

If you didn’t know already, this 2020 is a leap year, meaning that ladies are ‘allowed’ to break the tradition on February 29th, by proposing to the man they love. If you are a woman and you’re a bit tired of waiting for your boyfriend to propose, then planning a leap year proposal may be the right move for you. Of course, you can pop the question whenever you’d like, but doing it on a leap year gives you even more of a reason, plus he may even be secretly hoping that you will propose...

Why do women propose on a leap year?

There are many theories behind why it is acceptable for women to propose on a leap year. The main one actually dates back to Ireland in the 5th century and is known as ‘St Brigid’s Complaint’. It is said that Brigid had complained to St Patrick (yes, the same St Patrick we celebrate on St Patrick’s Day) that women had to wait far too long for their boyfriends to propose. After some debate, it is thought that St Patrick agreed that women would be allowed to propose once every four years on a leap day.

What to consider if you are proposing on a leap year

Embracing the tradition to propose on a leap year can feel like a bold step but also a liberating one. Taking control of the future of your relationship can definitely have some benefits but it is a good idea to consider a few things before getting down on one knee.

1. Make sure that you are both ready 

Sure, you may feel ready to take the relationship to the next level, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he is. There may be reasons why he hasn’t already proposed, maybe he doesn’t feel in the same place as you do in the relationship or he isn’t financially ready. It is a good idea to have discussed marriage beforehand so you know exactly how he feels about it.

2. Plan the right moment 

Timing is everything so make sure you take this into consideration. You will want to make sure you have his undivided attention and you definitely won’t want to bring it up if he is in the middle of something or if his favourite sports team have just lost a match.

Leap Year Proposals -  Diamond Ring

3. Tailor the proposal to his personality

Make the proposal fun and tailor it to his hobbies. If you know he enjoys reading, why not hide a note inside a book saying 'will you marry me?', or if he is a bit of a thrill-seeker why not arrange a skydiving trip for you both - surprise him at the end by getting down on one knee.

4. Get him a gift

Did you know there IS such a thing as a mangagement ring? It is totally acceptable to propose with a diamond ring, or if you prefer, why not get him a watch or a necklace? 

Leap Year Proposals -  Diamond Jewellery Gifts


5. Be prepared for any answer

Remember you can’t always be guaranteed a yes, so it is a good idea to prepare yourself for any answer. Consider what you will say if they say no, or even if they ask for time to think about it, remember it is a big decision and they may be in shock over your proposal! Don’t panic if the answer is no, instead try arranging a dinner or a good time to talk about his answer.

Did you know?

- As complete orbits take slightly longer than 365 days, leap days are actually necessary to keep the calendar aligned with the Earth’s rotations around the Sun.

- The odds of being born on a leap day is actually 1 in 1,461.

- Those born on a leap day are often referred to as leaplings, leapers or leapsters.

- The first leap year was actually introduced by Julius Caesar in around 46 B.C.

- If you get paid annually, you may be sad to hear that you are practically working for free on a leap day.