Necklaces: Everything you need to know

31st May 2019 • by Admin

Do you have a penchant for pendants? Perhaps statement styles capture your gaze more. Whatever your jewellery preference, necklaces have long been a popular choice. With so many ways to wear and plenty of styles to choose from, there is a piece to suit everyone’s personal taste. 

Usually deemed sentimental, necklaces tend to make wonderful gifts as they can be cherished for many years. If you are looking to buy a necklace as a gift it is advised to take note of your recipient's jewellery style. For example, do they wear necklaces currently, if so, do they tend to wear large statement styles or simplistic pendants? Perhaps you are interested in buying a pearl necklace for your mother or a delicate pendant for your partner, the choices are limitless. 

Necklace styles explained

  • Chain

Created using a series of metal links, a chain necklace can be found in a variety of weights and can either be plain or feature a pendant. Select from a range of metal types to add some personality to this simplistic piece and wear alone or stacked up depending on your preference.

  • Pearl

A pearl necklace is a truly classic piece, created using a string of pearls, originally derived from pearl oysters or molluscs. Pearl necklaces have long been considered an elegant and often regal piece of jewellery. 

  • Choker

Chokers have long gone in and out of fashion for centuries. A choker necklace sits closely around the neck and can be crafted using a variety of materials such as diamonds, pearls, velvet and other luxurious materials. 

  • Pendant

From flowers and hearts to intricate key designs - pendants make for a wonderful gift and, with so many options to choose from, are surprisingly versatile. A pendant necklace features a chain with a single pendant hanging loosely from it. Pair your chosen piece with other pendants of varying lengths for a truly eclectic styling choice.

  • Tennis

Glamorous and wonderfully timeless, a diamond tennis necklace is a staple piece in every jewellery collection and makes a great gift for a loved one. A diamond tennis necklace tends to consist of intricate links with small beads or pave-set diamonds resulting in a vibrant piece which delivers maximum sparkle. 

  • Multi-strand

If you like your necklaces stacked up, the multi-strand necklace does the hard work for you. Featuring strands of chains at varying lengths all attached to one clasp, this versatile necklace is the easiest and quickest way to create a beautiful layered appearance.

  • Collar

The term collar used to be the common name to describe all necklaces. However, this is now known as a particular necklace which sits flush against the neck and rests above the collarbone. Not to be confused with the choker, contemporary styles tend to be thicker in style. 

  • Statement

Bold, intentionally oversized and wonderfully ornate, statement necklaces are the easiest way to update your style instantly. Statement necklaces tend to be made from all types of materials and can include gemstones, pearls and even diamonds. Keep your style minimal and let the necklace do the talking.

Ways to wear your necklace

You may prefer to stack up with other pieces to create a beautifully layered appearance or wear pared-back in a simple yet elegant way with other jewellery. Necklaces are wonderfully versatile, with so many ways to wear them and many options to choose from, there really is no right or wrong answer when it comes to styling them. If you are in need of a few tips, here are a few things to generally consider:

Your neckline

What you are wearing should be considered when styling all jewellery - particularly necklaces. Choose a neckline which showcases your piece in the best possible way. For example, if you are wearing a roll-neck you may wish to pair with a long statement necklace to elongate the torso, likewise, with a crew neck, you may consider a pendant which sits neatly on the collarbone.

The length of your necklace

It is a good idea to consider the length of your necklace as this will help if you choose to layer with other pieces. The length of your necklace may also help you determine the type of neckline you wear with it.

How to layer

The best ways to layer are to mix pendants of different textures, starting with the most delicate piece and anchoring with the largest style. Try and keep some space between all pendant styles to resemble a truly eclectic style.

Other jewellery 

You may wish to consider other jewellery to wear with your chosen necklace. For example, are you mixing metal types or sticking to one? Perhaps you have chosen a large statement necklace, so you may want to opt for minimal jewellery to accompany it. There is no correct answer but it is a good idea to choose a common theme to coordinate all of your pieces beautifully.

Necklaces are true finishing pieces and a must-have for any jewellery box. If you are searching for inspiration, check out our selection of exquisite necklaces.