Platinum engagement rings

24th October 2019 • by Admin

Platinum Engagement Rings

Searching for an engagement ring that will last as long as your love? You may wish to choose your design in platinum. Platinum can be difficult to differentiate from white gold by eye as it is a beautiful pure, white metal. It is highly desirable to jewellery buyers due to its rarity, durability, and non-reactive properties. For these reasons, platinum tends to be the preferred choice for wedding bands and engagement rings. The quality and prestige of this precious metal pairs perfectly with the incredible sparkle and brilliance of diamonds.

When compared to gold, platinum is less brittle. Whereas gold has the ability to snap or break, platinum is more malleable so will only bend. This quality in platinum is invaluable within jewellery, for example, the claws of a platinum engagement ring are more likely to bend rather than break - therefore keeping the diamond secure and safe. Platinum is so valuable within the jewellery industry due to the fact it has desirable properties and is mined at around 1/10th of the rate that gold is. 

Platinum is around 34% denser than 18-carat gold which is another reason as to why it is valued so highly. The density of the metal means that, should it get scratched, it can be polished very easily to its former state without losing any weight. Gold, on the other hand, loses a layer each time it is polished - meaning it may decrease in weight and value. Although white gold may look similar to platinum, it requires a lot more upkeep as it should be re-plated around every 1-2 years to maintain its colour. 

Some of our favourite engagement rings in platinum:

Timeless and sophisticated

Georgia Platinum Engagement Ring

Our Georgia diamond engagement ring is certain to stand the test of time with its sophisticated finish. We love the cathedral setting as it perfectly showcases your chosen diamond with ease.

Clean and contemporary 

Summer Platinum Engagement Rings

Our Summer diamond engagement ring is a wonderful choice for those who adore contemporary styles. The sleek and sophisticated bypass band perfectly frames your chosen diamond and looks elegant in platinum.

A nod to vintage 

Vintage Platinum Engagement Rings

Our Righello diamond engagement ring has all of the charm of a vintage style - a diamond surrounded by intricate side stones and milgrain detailing. We adore the split shank and cathedral setting as it boosts your chosen diamond with extraordinary effect. 

When three is better than one

Trilogy Platinum Engagement Rings

Our Carrie diamond trilogy ring proves that sometimes three diamonds are better than one. Three stones within a ring are thought to represent the past, present and future within a relationship. We love how elegant this design is and it is a great choice for those who are fond of sentimental gestures. 

Say hello to halos

Round Platinum Engagement Rings

Our Poppy diamond engagement ring looks stunning in platinum. It features a single diamond that is surrounded by a halo of further stones - perfect for those with a penchant for sparkle. Halo rings are known for their glamorous finish and can make any size diamond appear bigger.

Platinum compliments every skin tone and looks great with any ring setting or style that you choose. Not only are platinum engagement rings durable, timeless and elegant, they are also perfect for those with sensitive skin as they contain no nickel, meaning they are completely hypoallergenic. If you are looking into buying an engagement ring for your loved one, a design crafted from platinum is certain to be cherished for a lifetime.