Romantic home proposal ideas

8th April 2020 • by Admin

As Elvis Presley once serenaded, home is where the heart is. 

If the idea of planning a public proposal is a little daunting, or if your initial plans have been thwarted by the ongoing pandemic, fear not. Here, we’ll look at the best and most intimate ways to propose to your significant other whilst at home.

Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in Bed Proposal

Let's start simple. Prepare your loved one their favourite breakfast delivered on a tray, with a gorgeous engagement ring as the centrepiece. If they’re a heavy sleeper and you think you can pull it off, why not slip the ring on their finger as they sleep, and watch their reaction as they start to tuck in! Have the rest of your day planned, or just take it as it comes. A heartwarming, cosy proposal. 

Decorating? Here’s a thought…

Maybe you’re trying to make the most of your time at home at the moment by doing some decorating. Or maybe you’re beginning your renovation on your newly purchased home with your partner. Either way, you may not have another opportunity to paint “Will you marry me?” on the wall in your living room, so now’s your chance! Have the ring at hand and some fizz on ice ready to celebrate the moment!

Pet proposal

Pet Proposal

Are you and your partner confessed animal lovers? If so, why not recruit your furry friend to help you plan the perfect pet-proposal. Attach the ring on his/her collar to be discovered when they’re cuddling, or off out for a walk. 

If you’re not yet pet owners but have dreamt of being so, why not surprise your partner with a new member of the family, and put the ring on the collar then!

Stargazing at night

We’re coming into spring now so expect some lovely clear, chilly nights in the coming weeks. Prep yourself by checking the forecast, and have duvets and pillows at the ready for a cosy night of stargazing with a picky-food platter at hand for dinner! Make it romantic with some candles, and you have the perfect setting for a moonlit proposal. 

Day-time picnic 

On the same wavelength, if the prospect of lying in the back garden in an evening doesn’t appeal to you, why not wait for the sunshine. Lay out the perfect picnic on the lawn with cheeses, crusty breads and your favourite nibbles. Pop the ring in a glass of fizz or nestle it amongst a bowl of strawberries, for a nice rustic proposal. 

Movie Night

Movie Night Proposal

Some of us like to go out on a weekend, but all of us like to have a cosy night in once in a while. Have your favourite movie and all the mandatory essentials to hand (snacks, fizz, blankets), and settle down for a cosy night on the sofa. As a post film surprise, why not prepare a slideshow of your favourite moments and photos before getting down on one knee and popping the question.

Treasure hunt

A treasure hunt can be a fantastic and exciting way to propose at home. To start, leave a clue somewhere obvious that they will find as part of their morning routine, like on the mirror in the bathroom or at the kettle. From there, take them on a journey incorporating romantic gestures such as flowers or photographs, that will ultimately lead to you, down on one knee, with a gorgeous ring in hand. 

Recruit a partner in crime

Child Helping with Proposal

Our children are usually the most important loved ones in our lives, so getting them to join in and help with the proposal can be heartwarming and strengthen that special bond you share. Have them lead your partner to a spot of your choice, where you will be waiting ring in hand. Have something planned for later that you can all enjoy, like your favourite meal together or a game.