Which type of engagement ring should I choose?

31st May 2019 • by Admin

Getting ready to pop the question? 

When, where and how you choose to propose is incredibly important, these little details will be remembered forever and should be a completely unique and personal experience. Arguably the engagement ring you choose to propose with is one of the most important factors of the proposition - something which will be shown off to all of your family and friends as you announce the great news.  

Let’s face it, sometimes being spoilt for choice can be a bad thing. With so many options to choose from, whether that involves metal type, diamond shape or quality, choosing the perfect engagement ring can be a daunting prospect. After all, an engagement ring is a big, important and expensive purchase.

If you already have an idea of what type of ring your partner prefers - great! If you simply have no idea where to start, don’t despair - follow our top tips to help you begin that all-important search.

Set your budget

Before considering your budget, do your research! You may be surprised to find out what you can actually afford and it will give you a true indicator as to how much certain styles cost before starting your search.

You may have already heard of a few myths surrounding the amount you are expected to spend on an engagement ring. The age-old rule being that you should spend between one to three month’s wages, this can, however, amount to a huge sum of money. You may be able to work out what you can actually afford to pay based on your annual salary, monthly expenditure, current savings and the amount of time you have left until you plan to propose. Ultimately, the amount you choose to spend on the ring should be based on what you feel comfortable with.

Perhaps you have found the perfect engagement ring but it is slightly out of your budget. If you wish to save more for the ideal ring, why not try setting up automatic transfers into another savings account, skipping bigger or unnecessary purchases or saving any loose change instead of spending it.

Find their style

Traditional & timeless

Considered the most popular engagement ring style due to its timeless and traditional appeal - the classic solitaire. This style showcases a diamond at the centre and most commonly a plain metal band for a sleek and sophisticated finish. Those wishing for a little extra sparkle may opt for a diamond-adorned band or a three stone engagement ring. Traditional and timeless styles, such as solitaire and three stone rings, tend to be a failsafe option if you are unsure about what style your partner prefers or if you are looking for a classic design.

Full-on glamour 

If your partner is particularly fascinated with diamonds and has a penchant for anything which sparkles why not opt for pavé-set diamonds on the band of the ring. Halo engagement rings are also a very popular option, both incredibly glamorous and fashionable, the halo features a central diamond surrounded by an extra row of diamonds. 

Romantic & regal 

Looking for something a little different? Marquise, pear and heart shaped diamond rings were made for those who adore regal and romantic designs. These exquisite and unique shapes pair perfectly with intricately detailed or diamond-set bands, ideal if your partner loves vintage or one-of-a-kind designs. 

Contemporary & modern 

Sleek and sophisticated yet wonderfully modern. If your partner likes clean or minimalistic styles why not opt for a contemporary design which represents their personal preference. Why not try a bezel setting - a metal band which closely hugs the diamond, or a unique split shank band for a style which is a little different.

Consider their lifestyle

An engagement ring is considered a big investment. You may be concerned about the ring getting lost or damaged, particularly if you have spent a lot of time and money finding your partner’s dream design. If this is a concern, it is recommended to consider their lifestyle before making any decisions.

If they are very active, a solitaire in a secure bezel setting may be the safest option. Opting for platinum is also a good choice due to its durability. For those who play instruments, look for a band which is slightly curved or rounded for maximum comfort.

Make educated decisions

You may have a better idea of what style you are searching for, however, before purchasing it is advised to do your research so you know what to look for when buying diamonds. 


Both style and substance are equally as important when buying diamonds. It’s advised that you select the highest quality for your budget and that you consider the all-important 4 C’s before making that big purchase:

Carat - the carat refers to the weight of the diamond, the larger the carat the heavier the diamond.

Cut - a diamond which has been well-cut will be proportional, this generates its signature sparkle.

Clarity - clarity refers to defects within or on the surface of the diamond, those with the least defects have a higher clarity grading.

Colour -  the colour grading scale ranges from D-Z with D considered the clearest and most desirable diamond colour.

Visit our diamond education guide for further information.


Your partner may already have a preference to metal type, perhaps they tend to wear traditional yellow gold or maybe they prefer the versatility and elegance of white gold. It is advised to choose the material based on their lifestyle and the type of jewellery they already wear, as you may want their engagement ring to complement their current much-loved pieces. 

Platinum - chosen for its durability and elegance, this metal tends to be the most expensive.

Yellow gold - wonderfully traditional, those who wear yellow gold tend to match their jewellery.

White gold - considered the most popular due to being both elegant and versatile. 

Rose gold - grown in popularity in recent years, rose gold has a pretty blush hue.

Visit our metal guide if you would like to find out more.

Find their ring size 

You’ve chosen the perfect engagement ring, but forgotten a key aspect - their ring size!

No need to panic, there are a few ways to figure out your partner's ring size. Why not try “borrowing” a ring they already wear, for example, if they wear a ring on their middle finger why not try going down a size or two to find the size of their ring finger. You could enlist a friend or family member to help. Or why not try dropping the question casually when you are next near a jewellery store. 

Once you have the engagement ring all that is left to do is to pop the big question, no matter how you choose to do it just make sure it is unique, personal and truly memorable.

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