One of the reasons why our 50,000+ happy customers purchase from us is due to the absolute confidence they have in the credibility of our diamonds. We provide diamond certification for every diamond that we sell.

What Is Diamond Certification?

A diamond certification is a summary of the authenticity and specification of a given diamond.

Who Provides The Certification?

In order to ensure that diamonds are certified correctly, they are examined by a gemologist or diamond laboratory. With gemologists who have trained at institutions including the Gemological Institute of America, International Gemological Institute and European Gemological Laboratory, you can choose the certification that you want to accompany your diamond purchase.

How Is The Certification Carried Out?

Our diamonds are sent to a third party laboratory for a comprehensive evaluation, or they are graded by our qualified gemologist. Each diamond certificate is uniquely numbered and corresponds to a specific Diamond or Jewellery. The Diamond or Jewellery and its certificate will then stay together from seller to buyer, for life.

Always Request A Diamond Certificate

Authentic diamond certification provides an impartial expert judgment of the characteristics and quality of a given diamond or piece of jewellery. This certification provides the purchaser with the assurance that the diamond is as described by the seller.

Diamond Certificate Vs Valuation Certificate

A laboratory certification is not a valuation certificate. A valuation seeks to establish the value of an item, mainly for insurance purposes. A diamond certificate does not evaluate a diamond's market value, only its characteristics and quality. That said, a diamond certification from a reputable laboratory is invaluable in generating an accurate appraisal. All our products come with free valuation certificate for insurance purpose.

  • IGI Diamonds CertificationTHE INTERNATIONAL
  • EGL Diamonds CertificationMUTLISTONE JEWELLERY
  • Diamonds Factory Diamond CertificationDIAMONDS FACTORY

Keep your certificate in a safe place. It provides invaluable security in the case of loss (helping to establish the quality and size of diamond required for equitable replacement), trade, or resale. Whenever the diamond must leave your possession (for example, to be cleaned), always let the party taking possession know you have a certificate. Knowing you can positively identify your diamond removes any temptation on the part of the third party to commit fraud (such as switching the diamond for one of lower quality).

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