Jewellery Care

Your new piece of jewellery is designed to become a treasured part of your collection. This is why it is important for you to take care of it in order for it to remain in the pristine condition you received it in. We would love for you to enjoy your piece forever more, which is why we have put together our guide on how to care for your jewellery.

Diamond care

Diamonds are known to be one of the toughest materials on earth, although this is true it is still essential to take care of them in order for them to maintain their lustre and appeal. It is important to note that diamonds can attract dirt, which in turn will build up over time, so it is a good idea to give them a regular clean.

Always remove jewellery before taking a shower

A general rule when wearing any type of jewellery is to remove it ahead of taking a shower. Soap can cause a layer of build-up which can make jewellery, and particularly diamonds, appear very dull over time.

Remove diamond jewellery when applying lotions

Applying lotions of any type, whether that be sunscreen or everyday moisturiser, should be avoided whilst wearing jewellery. Lotions can build up a residue on your jewellery, making it appear lacklustre, and may even get behind the diamond or between the prongs. It is also a good idea to avoid applying makeup or hairspray whilst wearing your jewellery piece as this can cause tarnishing.

Use a soft toothbrush to clean the diamond

Diamonds can be cleaned easily, particularly if you get into a routine of cleaning your jewellery often. Simply use a soft-bristled toothbrush and warm water to gently scrub off any dirt, focussing on the prongs holding the diamond in place and the stone itself. Once cleaned, your diamond jewellery should appear brighter and more radiant.

Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners

Although ultrasonic cleaners can be successful in removing dirt and grime on diamonds, it is a good idea to avoid using them. As they work by using vibrations, the vibrating fluid they create can cause diamonds to move around or loosen in their setting, which could result in the diamond being lost or the piece of jewellery becoming damaged.

Gold care

If you are planning on wearing your jewellery every day it is inevitable that it will come in contact with dirt and possibly incur a few scrapes. Although it is generally a good idea to take care when wearing precious jewellery, here are a few tips on how to look after gold to ensure it remains in pristine condition.

Remove jewellery before swimming or using a hot tub

It is important to remove gold jewellery before you swim or even use a hot tub, to avoid it coming into contact with chlorine. If chlorine comes into contact with gold often the metal can become tarnished or even permanently damaged. Get into the habit of removing your jewellery ahead of the pool or hot tub and ensure you store it correctly - in its original box or wrapped in a soft cloth is fine.

Never use toothpaste to clean gold

Contrary to popular belief, you should never use toothpaste to clean gold jewellery. Toothpaste is an abrasive substance and can cause a substantial amount of damage, particularly to softer gold in higher carats such as 18ct gold jewellery.

Remove jewellery before using cleaning products

In a similar way to chlorine, chemicals found in cleaning products such as bleach can cause a great deal of discolouration or damage to your gold jewellery. It is advised either to wear protective gloves or preferably remove all jewellery before cleaning. Once you are done, make sure you wash your hands before wearing jewellery again.

Store gold jewellery correctly

It is a good idea to consider how you store your precious gold jewellery. Gold jewellery should be stored separately so your items do not rub against each other and cause scratches. We advise that you store each piece in its original box, or alternatively wrap each piece in a soft cloth. If you are searching for a jewellery box, look for one with many compartments so you can store each piece correctly to avoid damage.

How to clean a ring

It is a good idea to clean rings regularly as this type of jewellery is most likely to come in contact with dirt, lotions or chemicals. Simply combine a small amount of washing up liquid with warm water and add the ring to soak for around 15 to 30 minutes. When it is time to remove it from the solution ensure you dry it using a soft, clean cloth. You can use a very soft toothbrush to clean the prongs and gemstones if you wish.

How to clean a necklace

Necklaces may not need to be cleaned as often as rings, as they are less likely to come in contact with chemicals or dirt. You will still want to clean your jewellery, however, so that it remains in pristine condition. Firstly, if your necklace features a pendant you should remove this from the chain and take a damp clean cloth and gently wipe this over the pendant. Add the chain to the washing up liquid solution, in the same way as mentioned above, and dry it off using a soft clean cloth.

How to clean earrings

We recommend taking an alcohol swab and using this to clean the fastening on your earrings for hygiene reasons. Use a soft toothbrush and warm water to clean the earrings themselves, ensuring you focus on the prongs and diamonds, and dry using a soft clean cloth so they appear in pristine condition.

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