Lab Grown Diamonds Guide

What are lab-grown diamonds?

When we look at diamonds we don’t really think about the different processes behind them and how they are created. Understanding the story behind lab-grown diamonds is vital to really appreciate how beautiful they are.

Lab-created diamonds are often referred to as ‘man-made’ or ‘cultured’ diamonds. As the name suggests they are made in a laboratory compared to natural diamonds which form in the Earth’s mantle. In order to make lab-grown diamonds our experts deeply understand the formation of the natural diamond, to mimic their growing conditions in the lab. It’s amazing how advanced our cutting edge technology is!

As easy as steps 1, 2, 3 and 4

Growing diamonds in a lab may sound complicated but we can explain the process in 4 steps.

  • Our beautiful diamonds as we know today start off as little carbon seeds. The seed is exposed to extreme conditions including temperature and pressure.
  • After heat and pressure is applied, the seed starts to develop in the same way natural diamonds form. It goes through the same deposition process which basically means it’s growing and developing into a diamond.
  • After around 6 to 10 weeks of growing and developing the diamonds are then polished and cut. The finishing process is the same for lab-grown and natural diamonds.

‘Are lab-grown diamonds fake?’

Since lab-grown diamonds are developed under the same conditions as natural diamonds they are chemically and optically identical. To cut the story short they are real. You would not be able to tell the difference with the naked eye, it's literally impossible to differentiate. Since the after product is completely identical we understand it’s normal to ask the question “if we end up with the same product then why do we develop diamonds this way?”. Let’s understand why…

Benefits of lab-grown diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are up to 30% cheaper than the natural diamond equivalent. Which means you’d be able to afford a bigger diamond with better specs for the same price as a smaller natural diamond. Who doesn’t want a bigger diamond for less?

Environmental superiority

Natural diamonds are mined, creating large deep holes into the earth, some of the largest holes ever dug! This process requires an immense amount of fossil fuels. Lab-grown diamonds are a sustainable way to create diamonds as they don’t harm the environment in terms of fossil fuel consumption or altering ecosystems.

How to buy a lab-grown diamond?

Our experts in store are here to help and give tailored advice to what you are looking for. Book an appointment with us via our website or over the phone to come view our diamonds in person!

Alternatively, when purchasing any piece of jewellery from our website, you are able to select your diamond preference on the product page. Here you will be able to see how much you’ll save by selecting lab-grown diamonds instead of natural diamonds. Need help? Our live chat advisors are on hand to guide you through this.