Ring Style Guide

When you are looking for a ring, whether it be an engagement ring for your significant other or a gift for a loved one, the style you choose is important.

There are several ring styles to choose from, whether you are searching for a classic solitaire diamond ring, a glamorous halo style or perhaps a beautiful vintage ring, and what you choose may depend on the recipient's taste and preferences. In this ring styles guide, we discuss the different styles you can choose from and their unique features.

Solitaire diamond ring

A solitaire diamond ring is one of the most popular engagement ring styles. It typically consists of a single diamond on a plain metal band, with the most favoured diamond shape being the round brilliant. This diamond ring style is loved most for its timeless finish.

Side stone diamond ring

Side stone diamond rings have become popular in recent years. They consist of a single diamond at the centre with a band that is partially or completely adorned with diamonds. Their beautiful, modern finish and added sparkle are what makes them so popular today.

Trilogy diamond ring

A trilogy diamond ring features three stones that are thought to represent the past, present and future within a relationship. Their deep meaning makes them a great sentimental gift for a loved one. As their names suggest, they typically consist of three diamonds on a metal band and can also be bought in a halo design.

Halo diamond ring

A halo diamond ring consists of a single diamond surrounded by a halo of stones. This style is perfect as an engagement ring and is known for its sophisticated glamour. If you are searching for maximum sparkle or to make your diamond appear bigger, a halo style ring could be a great choice.

Cluster diamond ring

Cluster diamond rings can come in a variety of different styles but consist of a ‘cluster’ of tiny diamonds. They are elegant and timeless and make great gifts for those you love as they tend to be more affordable than other ring styles. This is because many small diamonds are cheaper than a single diamond of the same carat weight.