Diamond Certification

At Austen & Blake confidence and credibility is important to us, therefore we provide diamond certification for every diamond in which we sell.

A diamond certification is an impartial summary of the authenticity of a diamond and the specifications such as carat, clarity and cut etc, carried out by expert gemologists or diamond laboratories. This document is important as it provides the purchaser with reassurance that the diamond is as described by the seller.

Austen & Blake: Free of charge and issued by our in-house gemologist. This certificate displays carat weight, colour, clarity of the diamonds, design number and diamond shapes (multi-stone options).

EGL - (European Gemological Laboratory) A third party option who are one of the few laboratories to group grade readymade jewellery products, for example, our multi-stone products such as Tennis bracelets and Eternity Rings.

IGI (International Gemological Institute) and GIA (Gemological Institute of America) - World-renowned independent labs who are considered to be the strictest in the industry. Certificates will display carat weight, colour, clarity, diamond shape, cut, polish, symmetry, fluorescence levels, types of inclusions and certificate number.

As your certificate provides invaluable security in the case of loss, trade or resale, it is important to keep this document safe. Whenever the diamond may leave your possession (for example, to be cleaned) it is a good idea to remind the party taking possession of the diamond that you have a certificate. This should remove any temptation of third-party fraud.